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What can we do for your business?


The first thing we do is sit down and talk to you. Be it in person or online, we want to discuss your business and what you need. 
We learn what kind of challenges you have, what you're interested in and how you might be able to take advantage of this brand new and extremely exciting industry.


In a Meeting


We then go out to the space industry and discuss your requirements with them, finding out what's feasible.


We see if it's possible to make your idea into a reality through both mainstream technology as well as the newest prototypes.

We compile all of this information and make suggestions and introductions as necessary.



Should there be opportunity, you proceed with your space industry partner on your new project.
You launch your new satellite to orbit, or partner with an existing asset.

From here, you're a part of the future. You're part of an extremely exclusive industry and club that has captured the imagination of all humankind.

You and your business go forward, enjoying your rare advantage.


Rocket Launch