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Mining firms use satellite imagery for prospecting, giving them a huge edge.


The past decade has seen enormous changes in space technology worldwide. It's also never been easier to take advantage of it. 

This is no longer the era of hyper-expensive rocket launches and bankrupting space races. This is the era of efficient, reusable space technology. It's also not solely the domain of superpowers, Australia has it's own industry ready to serve your requirements. Australian firms are helping humanity return to the moon and stay there, as well as assisting the first manned journey to Mars.

We take your business goals and match them to Australian space industry providers, helping you to see how you can be a part of the most exciting technological leap in human history.


Rockets built in Queensland are getting ready to deliver satellites into orbit


Our Services

Whether you are a technology provider or business wanting your own piece of space, we will consult with you and find out about your requirements. We will then see how you can profitably utilise Australia's incredible new space industry.

IoT Satellite Services

Australian service providers can connect you to satellites in orbit, making use of their unique technology.

Satellite Imaging Services

Providers in Australia can use state of the art satellite imaging to help you see what you need to.

Payload Launches

There are a variety of rocket manufacturers in Australia. Find out how they could assist you get your asset into orbit.

Shared Satellites

Some satellites are available for programming and experimentation, find out how you could use these.

Launch Facilities

Do you already have your rocket and payload? Australia has excellent launch facilities located in multiple states.

New Ideas

Not everything has been done before, your own idea might suit an industry partners' capabilities better than you realise. Get in touch and let us know!

All civilizations either become spacefaring or extinct.

Carl Sagan

Next Steps (to the stars!)

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